The Aldred label and edge stamp seals our manufacturing promise. It tells you what you need to know about the origins of the cricket bat and certifies that an Aldred cricket bat has been handmade by Paul Aldred at every single stage, so the quality has been maintained at a premium level throughout.

In our small workshop in Derbyshire, at the home of Paul Aldred, we make bats from the cleft right through to the final labelling. From the cleft, supplied by JS Wrights the oldest willow supplier in the world to the cleaning process to create an outstanding blade and then from blade to bat, each process is completed by Paul Aldred’s hands only.

From the very first pass of the cleft through our planer thicknesser to putting the grip and tape onto the finished bat, the quality never waivers. We are committed to maintaining high standards across each and every bat we produce to offer the very finest end results to our customers.

Our process of making bats is by no means the easiest, and certainly not the most cost efficient. It is also very rare these days as there are only a handful of professional bat makers who complete the entire process in the way that we do.

We do believe though that this is the best way to reward your investment, whether you’re an amateur or professional, in the form of a simply stunning handmade bat. This is what we believe professional bat making to be all about.

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