We are incredibly proud of the strong values and ethos we have here at Aldred Cricket Bats. As a company, we aim to be as independent as possible, to always be transparent in our manufacturing process and to support British suppliers across all that we do.

When it comes to our cricket bats, we are committed to the following key values:

  • To hand make and finish our cricket bats with no CNC shaping*
  • To process all senior and junior bats from cleft to finish
  • To handle all clefts individually at every stage
  • To invest in local people and businesses to supply materials
  • To design every element of our product range in house
  • To source all clefts, labels, grips, facing and packaging locally, working with UK suppliers wherever possible
  • To work with sustainable and renewable raw materials
  • To continue to develop techniques and craftsmanship, harnessing our experience and expertise to develop cricket bats of the finest degree

*CNC shaping accounts for the majority of all other UK produced cricket bats, reducing hand operated processes and individual treatment of the cleft, blade and bat, therefore making them mass produced

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

07891 233238