From the professional cricket pitch with Derbyshire to coaching the next generation, Paul Aldred knew that he needed to find another avenue to stay involved in the game that he loved.

With a background in the building trade before his cricket career, and an interest in sustainability having previously worked on projects for the National Trust during this time, making cricket bats from the finest British produce was an opportunity not to be missed.

Since 2008 the year of the company’s inception, our stock has risen and our reputation for delivering quality service, incredible products and value for money has grown incredibly. This has also come without the need for extensive advertising and instead has been through the power of word of mouth and the high esteem in which Paul is held within the cricketing world.

We now work with a number of professionals from the across the world who are choosing Aldred Cricket Bats as their bat of choice.

Another great advantage of choosing Aldred Cricket Bats for your next bat is that Paul has built up connections with a willow supplier, JS Wrights, so can select the willow first hand for you.

Our aim is to keep things traditional, even as we continue to grow, so whilst many bats are now made on machines, we are going to keep the beauty that comes with the process of making bats by hand. As a result, you know 100% that you have a bat unique to you, made with concaving, big edges or truly traditional shapes, but with the perfect pick up and ultimate performance regardless of the grade of willow you opt for.

As our story continues and Aldred Cricket Bats continues to grow and expand, we are continually striving to promote and involve more sustainability with view of reducing the huge air miles produced in the cricket industry. By making our bats by hand in the Uk in our own workshop that prevents willow being shipped overseas to be manufactured to be shipped back to the uk then shipped off to customers again. We are looking  at methods to use the same thinking in all parts of our business even down to recycling our waste in the workshop to be reused in other ways. It is now becoming much harder to source quality willow as the Asian markets are demanding so much from the English willow because it is the best in world, so we want to help make sure this remains the case for generations to come.

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