Every product we create here at Aldred Cricket Bats is designed with quality and performance in mind. Designed by a cricketer for cricketers, our range of cricketing accessories are no different.

We don’t attempt to compete with the mass produced kit on the market and instead put our focus on creating quality products that cricketers of any standard would use.

From our tour and duffle bags to those all-important protective covers for your new bat and our own bat wax, we are proud to offer cricketing accessories of the highest quality at the same time as keeping our prices adorable and competitive.

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Bat Wax


Keep your bat in tip top condition with our very own bat wax that we have taken over two years to develop in order to achieve the perfect consistency to make it easy to apply but also incredibly economical for you as the customer.

Duffle bag

Duffle Bag


Ideal for those who don’t want to carry kit around in multiple bags, our duffle bag is fashionable yet practical. With plenty of space to store clothing and equipment, including two bats, helmets, boots, pads and more, it’s the ideal accompaniment to your cricketing travels.

Full Length Bat Cover


Keep your pride and joy safe and secure in our full length bat cover. Offering padded cover for your whole bat, there’ll be no need to worry about bumps and bangs to your bat on your travels or in the changing room.

Half-Length Bat Cover


Keep the blade of your bat fully protected when not in use with our half-length padded bat cover. Leaving the handle exposed for easy transportation, you can feel confident that your bat is fully protected when stored inside this bat cover.

Tour bag Out Of Stock

Tour Bag


Designed for the serious cricketer, this tour bag will hold all of your kit and more. From clothing to pads, gloves, helmet, bats and post-match kit, keep all of your cricketing gear safe and secure in one place.