Every product we create here at Aldred Cricket Bats is designed with quality and performance in mind. Designed by a cricketer for cricketers, our range of cricketing accessories are no different.

We don’t attempt to compete with the mass produced kit on the market and instead put our focus on creating quality products that cricketers of any standard would use.

From our tour and duffle bags to those all-important protective covers for your new bat and our own bat wax, we are proud to offer cricketing accessories of the highest quality at the same time as keeping our prices adorable and competitive.

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Boot bag

£20.00 inc VAT

Keep your kit clean with this handy boot bag. Capable of taking 2 pairs of shoes in the vented compartment, carry handle and handy pocket on the rear. Or just use it for carrying gloves or other pieces of kit.

Embroidered Towel

£21.00 inc VAT

Perfect accompaniment to your kit bag week in week out to make sure you have your own shower towel after every game. Towel dimensions are 70cm x 140cm 500gsm quality towels with Aldred logo embroidered in to it.

Fielding Bat

£95.00 inc VAT

Whilst small fielding bats have been on the market for years I never found one that was good enough in my days of coaching. So when I started making bats I looked at what I needed as a coach. From experience fielding bats were either really cheap bits of willow that were neither pressed properly or balanced well, too short for give the ability and safety of standing and nicking the ball safely for slip practice, too light thats you couldn’t launch the ball comfortably, too heavy as to not be able to wield it easily or made out of man made products which you had absolutely no feel from it and they fell to bits after a time. So I created a bat that was versatile in all aspects of fielding coaching. Heavy enough to launch a ball easily whilst being balanced beautifully to not tire the coaches hands and wrists during a session, and pressed to perfection just the same as our bats to give ongoing performance for years in the coaching bag plus just beautiful looks.

A great piece of quality kit for the coaching bag.

Half-Length Bat Cover

£14.50 inc VAT

Keep the blade of your bat fully protected when not in use with our half-length padded bat cover. Leaving the handle exposed for easy transportation, you can feel confident that your bat is fully protected when stored inside this bat cover.

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Hybrid Tour/Duffle Bag

£140.00 inc VAT

Large fully padded cricket bag that can be used as a tour type pull bag with its large sturdy wheels or with clever design hidden straps can be released turning the bag in to a duffle bag for those training days to carry your kit to the session. High quality tough wipe clean material with multiple carry handles plus duffle straps, 3 internal bat pockets, 2 large outside side pockets for pads or clothing, helmet/ stroke utilities pocket on the front vented boot pocket at the bottom and handy valuables pocket on the back. The perfect all in one bag.


Middling Bat

£95.00 inc VAT

We have seen these middling training bats around for years. Generally just cut down narrow bats but in ridiculously light weights which just doesn’t benefit your practice sessions at all as your not practicing with something that feels anything like your normal bat weight or balance. So I have created a bat 2 1/2” wide in more realistic weights in the 2lb 8 plus range to simulate a proper bat. Pressed to perfection just like our bats and balance beautifully these are a great addition to your training regime. Made to order in standard short handle, long handle, long blade and junior sizes.

Personal Toiletry Bag

£30.00 inc VAT

A beautifully made and embroidered bag designed to carry on your playing or touring travels around the country or world made to match the kit bags we sell too. A foldable shower bag with 3 main zip compartments for larger wash items and 5 small pockets for placing razors tooth brush etc in whilst you shower. To make accessibility easy whilst showering it has a hanging strap to hook over the shower door or area so you can keep all your personal items handy and dry whilst you freshen up after a long day.


£15.00 inc VAT

Made in England for over 100 years, these traditional cricket socks are rich in beautiful wool for natural warmth. Extremely thick and chunky, this pair of men’s cricket socks are fully cushioned on the foot and leg for unbelievable comfort. Fantastic for that extra protection to your feet in the modern day cricket boots and as walking socks too.

Standard cuff
Normal seamed toes
Thickness: Regular

Available in Lilac and Grey


Size guide:
Small 4-7
Medium 8-10
Large 11-12