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Wicket Keeping Gloves


Nothing short of the very finest quality, our wicket keeping gloves have been designed with the help of former professional wicket keepers to ensure you get the protection and flexibility required when behind the stumps.

Wicket Keeping Pads

Wicket Keeping Pads


Of professional quality, our wicket keeping pads offering maximum protection in a lightweight design to ensure your performance hits the highest possible levels.

Youth Thigh Pad Set


Youth Sized. Beautifully designed thigh pad set made just how I used to have them when I was playing professionally. Fully adjustable, light weight and extended front leg protection down the leg with adjustable inner thigh pad. Covers can be taken off the padding to wash and keep clean. Velcro fastenings and ultra comfortable to wear.



Zenith is a tribute to an era of cricket and the great players at that time that inspired me to become a professional cricketer. A great era before the game started to change in to the formats we see now. Zenith (The highest point achieved by a heavenly body) a few of my heros were certainly that.

A full bodied bat with a pick up that mystifies those who pick it up for the first time and a performance to match.