Fielding Bat

£115.00 inc VAT

Whilst small fielding bats have been on the market for years I never found one that was good enough in my days of coaching. So when I started making bats I looked at what I needed as a coach. From experience fielding bats were either really cheap bits of willow that were neither pressed properly or balanced well, too short for give the ability and safety of standing and nicking the ball safely for slip practice, too light thats you couldn’t launch the ball comfortably, too heavy as to not be able to wield it easily or made out of man made products which you had absolutely no feel from it and they fell to bits after a time. So I created a bat that was versatile in all aspects of fielding coaching. Heavy enough to launch a ball easily whilst being balanced beautifully to not tire the coaches hands and wrists during a session, and pressed to perfection just the same as our bats to give ongoing performance for years in the coaching bag plus just beautiful looks.

A great piece of quality kit for the coaching bag.